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Essentials, Gourmet, Organic and Traditional: four ranges of dried sausages
top quality, perfect for gourmet breaks.

Traditional dry-cured sausages or mini dry-cured sausage sticks (mini sticks) or snacks (mini bites) versions, the delicious taste is more important than the shape!

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Auvernou, a French brand committed to: traditional production methods, high-quality ingredients, refined recipes and French pork.

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A gourmet getaway

What is a gourmet getaway? It means enjoying the moment, getting away from it all and always looking on the bright side of life. At home, served on a tray for pre-dinner snacks, taking a gourmet break while you’re travelling to your holiday destination, when watching a sunset, after a parachute jump or a hot air balloon flight to bring yourself back down to Earth… in each of these situations, treat yourself to a nice slice of life with an Auvernou dry-cured sausage!

Whatever the format: classic or travel-sized, our top-quality sausages are always good to share with friends, family or as treat for yourself. Emmental mini-Snacks to snack on in the Gorges du Tarn canyon, Plain Organic Mini Sticks for a picnic in the heart of the countryside, mini Pocket Roquefort & Walnuts for a gourmet break at the office – add more variety to spice up your life with Auvernou sausages!

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