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Since 2010, the quality of Auvernou dry-cured sausages inspired by French gastronomy tradition has quickly established itself as a model. Sold in numerous channels around the world, Auvernou now exports its products to dozens of countries, particularly in Asia.

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Auvernou benefits from unique positioning

Its unique positioning is based on:

  • Tradition: jealously guarded expertise.
  • Quality and traceability of ingredients: dry-cured sausages made of 100% guaranteed French pork.
  • Taste: unique taste and varied recipes, refined to satisfy all tastes.
  • Sharing: a format to suit new consumption habits to enjoy whenever and wherever you like.

A wide range of complementary products

Auvernou offers 4 ranges of high quality dry-cured sausages: “The Gourmet”, “The Traditional”, “The Organic” and “The Essentials”.



Snack-sized formats

Auvernou can be distinguished thanks to its snack-sized range:

  • Mini Snacks: delicious round sausages that are quite moreish. Several gourmet recipes available: Plain , Organic, Hot Pepper, Roquefort & Walnuts.
  • Mini Sticks: the quality of a large sausage in a mini format. Several gourmet recipes available: Plain, Organic, Hot Pepper, Emmental, Roquefort & Walnuts, Goat’s Cheese & Espelette Pepper.
  • Pocket Mini Sticks: to snack at anytime, anywhere. Gourmet recipes available: Plain, Roquefort & Walnut.


The Essentials range

Alongside the snacks range, Auvernou also has several essential formats:

  • The classic 250g: a generous size to share with family or friends. Recipes available: Auvergne dried sausage and dry cured sausage.
  • Mini dried sausages 3x50g: long, thin dried sausages ready to eat or cut up into slices.



Many distribution networks worldwide

Auvernou’s unique positioning enables it to be present in numerous distribution networks around the world: retailers, leisure catering, delicatessens, transport catering, petrol station, automatic vending machines, etc.

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